We specialize in the humane, non-lethal approach to pest removal of wildlife from your home or business including raccoon removal and skunk removal.  We cover the entire San Francisco Bay area, including the East Bay and North Bay. We specialize in solving problems with raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes and other wildlife. Insured and Licensed by the California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wild animals seek only three things; food, water and shelter. Seeking shelter often results in animals living in your attic or under your house. During spring and summer months this can mean a mother racooon or skunk with babies. For your own safety and the well being of your wild neighbors, it is never a good idea to try and solve these problems on your own.

Call us. We are experts and here to help with animal pest removal.

From raccoons living inside your attic to a skunk living under your home, Wildlife Detectives identifies what type of animal has taken up residence, and if babies are present. Using our “hands off” humane techniques, we ensure no animals are harmed, and that mother and young stay together. We then seal up entry points to prevent a re-occurrence.

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