About Our Services

Wildlife Detectives offers an educational, humane, no kill, approach to solving wildlife conflicts.

Our “hands off” methods of animal removal are endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States and local animal control municipalities.

Upon completion of a thorough home inspection, our Detectives will identify how animals are entering your home, and put together a plan for a “humane eviction.” Once we have successfully evicted the animals, our Detectives will then seal up the entry point(s) and repair any damage necessary to prevent the animals from re-entering. This is known as “exclusion” and is a more targeted approach than trapping wildlife.

Live traps are not humane and do not discriminate. When trapping wildlife, orphans are often created, and there is no guarantee that the animal caught in a trap, is the animal causing the conflict.

We are focused on a long term solution and all our work is guaranteed.

We work to minimize stress on the animals and on YOU!

Services available include:

  • Raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, squirrels and pigeon removal
  • Emergency services available
  • Latrine site or attic/crawl space clean up
  • Dead animal removal
  • Monitoring of wildlife corridors with camera traps
  • Crawlspace Clean up and Vapor Barrier replacement
  • Educational presentations and training available for local humane societies and animal control officers.

Insured and Licensed by the California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Trapping license: 65504

From raccoons living inside your attic to a skunk living under your home, Wildlife Detectives identifies what type of animal has taken up residence, and if babies are present. Using our “hands off” humane techniques, we ensure no animals are harmed, and that mother and young stay together. We then seal up entry points to prevent a re-occurrence.

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