any people contact us asking us if we will relocate wildlife “someplace else.”

There are many reasons why relocating wildlife is not humane, nor does it solve any problems. Here are the reasons why.

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Who Really Benefits from Trapping and Relocation?

By far, the majority of the public believes that trapping and relocating wildlife is a good solution to a problem they are having with “nuisance wildlife.”

The public thinks that if the offending animal is trapped and relocated and the number of animals in the neighbourhood is ultimately reduced, then the problem will go away. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The vacancy created by moving an animal out of the neighbourhood offers an opportunity for other animals in the vicinity to move in to take advantage of the existing food and shelter. Since no overall reduction in the number of animals will be achieved in the long run, trapping and relocation is nothing but an exercise in futility and a waste of money.

Nevertheless, start-up operators are capitalizing on the public’s belief that trapping and relocating is the answer, causing a huge comeback of this once rarely used practice.

Why then do we outright ignore the sound arguments of the past that labelled trapping and relocation as inhumane, not scientifically sound nor a long-term solution?

• Trapping creates orphans by taking a mother animal away from her dependent offspring.

• Wildlife will do anything to escape the confinement of the trap, often causing serious self-injury and sometimes death.

• Relocating wildlife away from their known food sources and shelter causes stress and starvation.

• Studies have shown that trapped animals can die of stress related causes even days after being released.

• Dumping wildlife into the territory of another animal can end up in vicious territorial fights over food and shelter.

• Transferring a sick animal into a population of healthy animals spreads infectious diseases.

• Exposure to adverse weather conditions and inconsistent monitoring of the traps while confined can kill the animal.

Please speak-out against the inhumane use of traps as a means of wildlife control!