Hello I am a Fox, We are not normally aggressive, please do not fear us. We can be out during the day. It does not mean we are sick. Some humans have been feeding us so we sometimes think you will feed us when we see you and do not run away. We do not like loud sudden...

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Wildlife Detectives shared a photo. Published by Maggie Sergio · 16 mins · For those in Marin County that want to learn more about the bats we share our world with, this looks like an excellent talk. Marin County Parks 2 hrs · It's Bat Appreciation Day. Did you know...

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Animal relocation

any people contact us asking us if we will relocate wildlife "someplace else." There are many reasons why relocating wildlife is not humane, nor does it solve any problems. Here are the reasons why. Who Really Benefits from Trapping and Relocation? By far, the...

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Coventry Wildlife Rescue July 28 at 2:35 PM · This is Cookie, formerly known as Oreo. When we found out she was a girl Cookie just fit. She's sweet. She's been through a lot. Watched her mama die then curled up in the rain not knowing what to do. She's been with me...

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From raccoons living inside your attic to a skunk living under your home, Wildlife Detectives identifies what type of animal has taken up residence, and if babies are present. Using our “hands off” humane techniques, we ensure no animals are harmed, and that mother and young stay together. We then seal up entry points to prevent a re-occurrence.

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