The spring and summer months are when our wild neighbors are seeking den sites and giving birth to their young. Now is the time when skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other wild animals will be seeking shelter under and around accessible areas of your home or business....

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Wildlife Detectives About this website If You See An Opossum In Your Yard, Let It Be I can distinctly remember the first time I ever saw an opossum. I just…

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Wildlife Detectives· PSA for nature. This is why you do not cut trees in the spring or summer months. There are certain species of birds, like this screech owl shown here that are cavity nesters - they nest in the cavities of trees and their nests are not visible,...

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Bat exclusion work

Wildlife Detectives  For those clients calling us about bat exclusion work. This is why we follow the guidelines of Bat Conservation International, and wait until baby season is over. We'll be able to service our clients needing help with bat exclusions beginning...

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Hello I am a Fox, We are not normally aggressive, please do not fear us. We can be out during the day. It does not mean we are sick. Some humans have been feeding us so we sometimes think you will feed us when we see you and do not run away. We do not like loud sudden...

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Department of Fish and Wildlife Trapping license: 65504

From raccoons living inside your attic to a skunk living under your home, Wildlife Detectives identifies what type of animal has taken up residence, and if babies are present. Using our “hands off” humane techniques, we ensure no animals are harmed, and that mother and young stay together. We then seal up entry points to prevent a re-occurrence.

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