Published by Maggie Sergio · October 27 at 6:46pm ·

With our camera traps strategically placed during a humane eviction, our wildlife detectives are able to monitor the process every step of the way. This way we can be absolutely sure the animal has left the premises unharmed. This little skunk exited his den site inside a crawl space through a specially designed one-way door. This allows the skunk to leave, but once out, he can not get back in. This is great footage which shows what powerful diggers skunks are. One-way doors are just one tool we have in our tool box. They are highly effective and safe, however, we can not use them if babies are present, as they will cause mom and her babies to be separated. This skunk tried his hardest to get back in, but soon gave up the effort and moved on.!AuXzzCklxfRIggHs8lysqMRJc3xn

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